Within the Invoice section, you will see a list of invoices. Each invoice will have a status of "Running," "Due," or "Paid." You can click the tabs on the top right to access invoices in their respective categories, and within a category, you can use the text field to filter results and click column headers like "Affiliate" and "Month" to sort results.

Running invoices are current calculations based on to-date sales for the given month. At the end of each month, all running invoices will be "Due." 

If the affiliate has set his or her PayPal email, you can click the "Pay with PayPal" link and pay the invoice. All invoices must be marked as "Paid" by you, the shop.

You also have the option to input details regarding the payment on the invoice. This might include a check number or a PayPal confirmation number. If the affiliate does not have PayPal, it is between you and the affiliate to settle on payment options.

All invoices are generated at the end of the month, which in turn makes them "Due" at the beginning of the following month.