New affiliates can register for you shop's affiliate program by visiting your registration url, which can be found in the shop settings page in the "URL's" block. This login and registration page can be edited to show your store's logo and a custom message (you can read our short guide on editing your login/registration page here).

There is also a tool on the "Affiliates" page to invite new affiliates. After navigating to the page, open the "Invite Affiliates" dropdown, fill out the email and message, and click "Send Invite." The affiliate will be provided the proper registration URL in the email.

Once affiliates register, they will be provided a link with which they can refer leads to your store. The affiliate and the users who reach your store through this link will be tracked by the integration scripts that were installed on your site.

New affiliates receive the default commission rate. When a store is first integrated with Enlistly, the default commission rate is set to 5%. If you desire a rate other than 5%, it is highly recommended that you update it before registering affiliates, otherwise you will have to change their rate one-by-one. You can read how to set your default commission rate here.