So you've installed the integration script and tested that it's working. You are now ready to begin inviting affiliates to promote your shop!

The "Invite Affiliate" Feature

The easiest way to to invite an affiliate is to use the "Invite Affiliate" feature on the affiliates page. To get there, select Affiliates from the menu on the left. (You can also click here.)


Once on the affiliates page, you will see a section labelled "Invite Affiliates." Click on this bar to open a dropdown menu where you can fill out an affiliate's email address and a message. When you are ready, click the "Send Invite" button to email the affiliate.

Please note that you can also use the social media icons in this section to invite affiliates to your shop.


Included in these messages is a link for that affiliate to register with your shop. Once he or she makes an account, you will be able to track the referral traffic for that affiliate and do things like create invoices and discount codes. The affiliate will also have access to their referral URL, which they will use to link customers to your shop. This custom referral URL is what allows conversions to be tracked to that affiliate.

Please note that you can also brand your affiliate's login and registration pages with your logo and colors.

Finding Your Affiliate Portal URL

If you want to send affiliates to your affiliate portal manually, you can find the URL in your settings. Access the setting page by clicking on the cog icon in the navigation menu on the left or using the drop down menu by clicking on your name in the top right corner. (You may also click here.)

From the settings page, scroll to the "URL's" block. Here you will see links to your login and registration pages. Simply copy the link for the registration page and send it to affiliates you would like to invite.