Shops assign discount codes to affiliates.  If you would like to request a specific discount code, please contact the shop directly.

You should distribute the discount code for referred customers to use.  Do NOT use the discount code for yourself.  (If you would like to make a purchase from the shop you are promoting, please contact the shop directly for a personal discount code to use.)

When a discount code is used by a referred customer along with the Referral URL, the discount code takes precedence.  Therefore, if you receive 10% commission based on Referral URL and 5% commission based on discount code commission, you will receive 5% commission for an order that was accessed via your Referral URL and your discount code was used.

Enlistly recommends that you refer customers to the shop using both your Referral URL and distributing your discount code.  The reason for this is because some customers tend to forget to use a discount code upon checkout.  Therefore, if they did not use your Referral URL, you (the affiliate) are out of a commission for that sale.

You can find your discount codes, rates and commission rates, etc. by accessing the Discounts page via your Affiliate Portal.  (You can also click here)